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Feb 27 2013 8:05 pm


Making a suggestion can be a little daunting, both to the person writing and us reading, especially if it is complex and unassigned.

As such, please make sure your topic and suggestions have the following...

1. The topic title should have a clear purpose of your suggestion (IE. Ship HP Reduction) and it should have where the suggestion belongs (Forum or Game).

2. Please read questions and answers and use the search function to see what has already been suggested/turned down or advanced. Some things may simply have already been denied which means making a suggestion of the same thing wastes your time and ours! 

3. Write it properly. Give us an introduction so we know exactly WHAT and WHY you want what you want, THEN give us the details. (Details are important, don't just suggest a Ship HP reduction because you think it will balance things out... WHY will it balance things out, give us maths, calculations and beyond! The more detail the better.)

Happy hunting!