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  • Do you know the Secret of Steel, Jaffa
Jan 14 2013 7:27 am

Name: (Lord) Crom, (The) Lord of Steel.

Symbol:[/color] A Hammer above an Anvil.

Jaffa:[/color] Steel Guard.

First Prime: Aurelius, son of Numerious, the previous First Prime.

Godly Legend: Our Lord Crom, The Lord of Steel, came through the Chappa'ai with his Steel guard and slaughtered our captors. He showed us that Kritar, was a weak god, and that he, Lord Crom, was a far greater, and stronger god. He shared with our greates warriors the Secret of Steel, and brought forth new weapons for our people. He turned our people into slaves, and forced us to work long and hard, "To make you strong, like me." He had said. "Prove yourselves strong, learn the Secret of Steel, and there will be a glorious place in the afterlife for you." He proclaimed to us. A mighty cheer was given by us all. "Show us the way to be strong, Lord Crom!" We shouted. It was tough. But we did all that he asked, and he made us strong. My time soon comes, but I know the Secret of Steel. I will have a glorious place in the afterlife, along with my ancesters before me. Listen to Lord Crom, for he is a True God. He is a Strong God. Hmm? What happened to Kritar? Lord Crom chopped his head off in front of our people.

Truth behind the Legend: "First Prime Kritar, I have a job for you."

Additional info: Seems to have some kind of infatuation for (the) Lost One, (Lady) Juliette, The Lion. Collects the severed heads(with the dead symbiotes still inside) of both his own enemies, and those he finds out are the enemies of Lost One, in the hopes that doing so will get her to favor him. He is currently consolidating his forces on a back water planet, hopefully hidden from the more powerful System Lords until he is ready to move. Tends to say Hasshak(weakling, fodder, fool) a lot. Mainly at his Jaffa that fail him. Who he then kills for failing him.

OOC - Probably gonna change the Legend/History stuff at some point. I like it, but I feel as though I should've gone a different route. What do you think?

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Jan 28 2014 1:32 pm

Love it, great work.