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Sep 26 2012 3:36 am

Name: Drakos the Creator.

Symbol: Gears.<br />

Jaffa: The Creation Guard.

First Prime: Do'rian of the Sekisekai fields.

Home world: Naymorin.

Host appearance: A kindly looking old man with long silver hair and beard, piercing blue eyes and sparkling white teeth. Drakos prefers to use kindly looking humans as hosts, allowing him to be underestimated as he easily manipulates both allies and enemies alike.

God History: Drakos the Creator, the god who brought the power of the staff weapon to the Jaffa. Seeing the weakness of the warrior class, it was Drakos that gifted them with the mighty staff weapon and the Zat'nik'tel, among other tools. For centuries Drakos created many powerful tools for the servants of his fellow gods, fueling their empires and allowing them to expand. It was also Drakos that provided Ra with the tools that led to his rise as Supreme System Lord, a service he provided in return for Ra's discovery of the perfect host.

Goa'uld History:  Drakos the inventor, one of the few Goa'uld capable of truly understanding the science of the universe. Unlike many of his brethren, Drakos was more interested in learning and inventing rather than ruling over his slaves. With his insatiable curiosity and need to learn, Drakos was able to reverse engineer many technologies stolen by the Goa'uld, using them to create powerful weapons and tools for the sake of Goa'uld kind. It was for his brilliance, and an already established alliance, that Ra gifted Drakos with the first choice of a human host. In return Drakos invented and provided Ra with the tools that allowed him to claim leadership of the entire Goa'uld race.