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Nov 11 2022 9:12 pm

Well apple and google seems to be taking their sweet time in reviewing the app.
So I have disabled attacking, infiltrating and operations until the app is back up and available.

I can't have the game in maintenance mode when the app gets reviewed. Cause they won't beable to get past the maintenance screen. Unless maybe later I create some special button that they can click to over ride it idk.

I told a few people that in the future I'm going to make it so this doesn't happen again but I just realized thats not really possible sadly unless I had a seperate test server. This really only happens to large updates though which are rare this large of ones. Other wise i have a system already set in place that tells people to get the app but allows them 3 days before the window pops up forcing them to get the app. I can set that timer to anything I want too or keep changing it if I had too. SO already got a good system in place but like I said it doesnt work on large updates. We just pretty unluckly that the week apple and google are delaying things is the week im doing the large update.

So its just crap. I wanted to take the time to try to explain why. The game has a server component and a client component. If the client doesn't work with the server component then the game will be broken to the user. But like I said this is only during major game changes.

At least everyone can still login now and talk and build.

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