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Jul 25 2022 2:17 pm

Hi all,

At the beginning I didn't see it wrong that there could be more than one fleet defending to beat a very big one, but as time goes by I think it's a real mess trying to predict who will win....

The idea of having several fleets on a planet may be fine (all allies have radar), but I think that if the planet is attacked there should be as many fights as fleets are defending.

No need to calculate the average of all the fleets, add the CV of each one, calculate the average of attack, defense, science... it's a mess and there is no BC to predict what will happen and check if the engine works well or not.

Attacker vs first fleet that is on the planet (by arrival time in the bbdd).
A BR is generated and if the attacker has won the losses are subtracted, the PL is updated and the next battle takes place, and so on until there is no attacking or defensive fleet left.

In the end it is the same as in the old AW when one attacked and after the first combat against the SB and the defender's fleet behind it, several fleets landed ...
In this way the defense is made easier and crashes between defenders and attackers are avoided if they are of the same alliance.

The other option is to go back to the old system, but I would like to evolve something and not have to worry about if one falls asleep, the other is wrong with the time ...

Besides, this way we kill two birds with one stone, because each one will gain the experience and SUs corresponding to his combat.

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Jul 25 2022 4:15 pm

I think the design is to match real world situation. In wars now if 6 armies meet to fight they don’t wait for one army to fight one armie while four armies just watch. All armies fight at the same time. So I think the current design is meant to simulate that.

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Jul 25 2022 4:25 pm

Also I felt that several armies defending should have some disadvantages or negatives.

Thats why i kept it like that. Now if attackers could combine attacking armies with other allies than that would be a different story.

There is a concept im bringing into my other game System Lords where allies or even non allies. Just random players can join together and build a fleet anonymously and vote on what planet it attacks.

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Jul 25 2022 5:36 pm

I have mixed emotions on multiple fleet defense since it does significantly favor defending over attacking. Cujo and I attempted to combo attack and we times it to as close to the second as possible and he fought first, then I fought when the fleet that looped came back in. I think that combining fleets is a nice feature but it should work both ways, but that does complicate things....but to do as you say with your other game, its almost like you need to pass command of the ships to one person....more thoughts later, got work to do.

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Jul 25 2022 9:53 pm

I don't dislike the idea of defending several fleets together the issue is how it is implemented, let's use a simple example.

Attacker (200 DS 20 CR 20 BS) = 2280CV, race +4A 0D sciences 0 PL0
2280 * 1.60 = 3648 eCV

Defender 1 (100 DS 10 CR 10 BS) = 1140CV, race +4A +4D sciences 0 PL0
1140 * 1.60 = 1824eCV
Defender 2 (100 DS 10 CR 10 BS) = 1140CV, race 0A 0D sciences 0 PL0
1140 * 1.00 = 1140eCV
Defender 3 (100 DS 10 CR 10 BS) = 1140CV, race -4A -4D sciences 0 PL0
1140 * 0.60 = 684eCV

So we have 3648eCV vs 3648eCV 50% victory

Here I have my first question, how do you calculate the maximum CV that can be lost?
Let's suppose that the engine estimates that there should be losses of 1680CV.

What happens if the attacker wins?
He will lose 200DS=600CV, 20CR=480CV and 10BS=600CV. Remaining 10BS.
He will gain an experience of 2280 points, so he will go up to PL 9 and get 9SUs.

What happens if the defenders win?
1 random fleet will be completely destroyed 100DS=300CV, 10CR=240CV, and 10BS=600CV.
From a second one 100DS=300CV, 10CR=480CV will be eliminated. Remaining 10BS
And a third one will be left untouched.
Here an issue arises, if the fleet that randomly disappears completely is that of Defender 1 the eCV lost is 1824, on the other hand if it is that of Defender 3 the eCV lost is 684, a big difference if we talk about fleets that have more than 1M of base CV.

Each player will gain an experience of 2280 points, they will all go up to PL 9 and get 9SUs, in total 27SUs will have been generated.
If one of the defenders had only contributed 1DS he would get the same reward for doing nothing, and if instead of 3 there are the 12 members of the alliance, 108SUs more to the market.

Same combat, depending on who wins varies the number of SUs entering the market, mismatches in the price of SUs in the future.

The experience "generated" should be the same regardless of who wins.
If the defenders win they should split the experience based on some criteria eCV, losses?

Defenders' loss system should be based on their stats.
In the example above, with the stats indicated, if the total CV of losses is 1680 and there are 3 defenders each one would have 560CV of losses but once their bonus/malus is applied:
Defender 1 +4D bonus +32% -> 381CV lost
Defender 2 0D bonus 0% -> 560CV lost
Defender 3 -4D bonus -32% -> 740CV lost

PS: I don't have to code it so it's easy to give ideas ;)