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May 09 2022 3:24 am

I've decided to post pone reset until Tuesday 2pm CST. I want to give my self one more day guys. I just want to get a couple more things finished that people mention on the last minute.

This is is what we are looking at.

Server will be paused enabled so everyone can start at the right time. This update coming tomorrow. So somewhere mid day tomorrow I will create a new server. When you enter the server it will say Cycles are paused until Tuesday 2pm CST.
You might be able to build buildings and thats it until Server is no longer paused.

I've decided to just create a 2nd server/instance so it doesnt interfere with the one on going. So everyone can play till the very last second lol.

If you are in an alliance right now. The game will spawn you close to other members of your alliance. So if you want to be in another alliance you will need to leave your current alliance and create/join a new one before joining the new server. I'm wanting to change this in the new future dont worry. But for right now its what we got lol.

As for sync joining. Where two non alliance members join at the same time and spawn near each other. I'm still working that out. Not sure that will make it in before reset. Might spend the time instead finishing up supply depots which is a bit more important honestly and a few other things.

Also due to popular opinion server will start with 0 social and minimum planet 1.


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