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Mar 11 2022 9:41 am

I'm not done with the updates yet so its going to be a few weeks.

Here is a highlight of what to expect.

Completely new way to gain advance technology points.
Computer players that have been completely over hauled. These computer players will act like regular players and each have their own set of planets. They will be hostile to you. Players can also interactive with them to change their aggression towards you and even earn supremacy points to help you in war.

Alliances will only be able to be made up of Asgard and Furling or Goa'uld, Onac and Furling. I might add Tau'ri this summer or sooner.

Thats pretty much most of it. Taking me time to do the computer players. I've also been fixing stuff and doing micro changes too as you been seeing in patch notes. These are things I've written down over the course of last year that I wanted to change.

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