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Feb 28 2022 7:18 am

Hey guys,
So, out or the Ships in SG, I really like Destiny the most, and then the daedalus. Prometheus was just too... bulky for me, even though it was their first starship. Destiny held/holds so many secrets that are untouched. Just because destiny isn't a seed ship, doesn't mean it can't have a Stargate factory on it, considering the low occupation of humans aboard, and their countless attempts to search the ship. Too put reality to the test, if I had the choice of being in and Stargate season as real life, it would be SGU. It's something about an Ancient ship sent out from earth millions of years before they built the City Ship (Which by the way, wormhole travel for the city ship === WOW) or the replicators to kill the wraith.
I've always wanted to make a 3D game based on Destiny, as you could put what ever you wanted to in the unexplored areas... within reason. And who wouldn't want a ship that is powered by plasma from within a star. That would have to be a big feat for them. I could see why they wouldn't use it as a power source for say their city ship... "We are about to fly to our nearest star and recharge, everyone pray there are no wraith hive ships around" :)