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Jan 05 2022 1:35 am

Commander Julio was feeling happy today, well as happy as an asgard can be. Looking through the resource data, he liked what he saw. All his planets were doing well and especially his war sat. Commander Julio was thinking of the attack performed by the Shadow Council. The Goa'ulds failed yet again. Commander Julio had never seen Zirnitra, but the stories of his appearance did in-fact make him look like a dragon. Zirnitra unlike many of the parasite Goa'uld took human hosts but he kept his unas host. It mattered not, the asgard yet again showed their superiority over the Goa'uld. Zirnitra may have brute force but brains, lacking. Commander Julio was not concerned about the Shadow Council. Maybe in the past they were terrorizing the Dakara galaxy but the Abydos galaxy he ruled supreme. Zirnitra was nothing but a small, what was the human word..... ah gnat.

Lord Zirnitra had transported the Abydos galaxy. His power was low, but he never really concerned in enslaving this galaxy. Lord Zirnitra had reports of resource stealing going on from the asgard Julio. He battled back what he could with the limited resources and decided to speak to the supreme commander Portent. The misunderstanding was corrected and Lord Zirnitra concentrated on his dakara galaxy. However, more reports were received about the asgard Julio stealing again. Again he sent a few attacks and tried some Black holes but with very little effect and sent a communication to Julio to stop stealing and blacking hole his planets. He also sent another communication to the supreme commander portent. Yet again, after a few weeks, another report showed that he had been stolen from again. Lord Zirnitra sent his entire fleet towards Julio war sat. Other Shadow Council members also sent suicide attacks. Zirnitra attack did nothing, the massive defences of the asgard war sat all but wiped out his attack. He sent another communication to Julio to say if he keeps doing what he is doing after been told he would stop; issues will become very real. Sadly, Lord Zirnitra found out that he had been stolen from again and commander Julio had black holed two of his planets and stole all his tech.

Lord Zirnitra snapped. He was being made to look weak in front of this asgard even though he cares not about this Abydos galaxy.

Lord Zirnitra had a plan. He sent for his first prime. "My lord, how can I serve".

"I want you to go and destroy these worlds of mine".

"It will be done". Zirnitras first prime bowed and walked off.

This asgard will be shown a lesson for his disdain to his god. Lord Zirnitra sat and mapped out a plan of retribution.

On Julio's war sat an alarm went off. An Asgard looked at the panel. "We have in-coming, prepare defenses"

The war sat hummed; the turrets fired up. Raw power surged around the planet.

A bright flash and smell of burnt flesh came through the air. The asgard that had been sat on the console was halfway across the room. He had multiple fractures, but he had to get to the communication array to contact commander Julio. As he reached out with his grey hands a dark shadow appeared over him and a black scaley claw cut into his arm. If he was a human, he would have shouted out in pain but the good thing about the asgard is the pain receptors can be controlled to feel no pain. He looked up and saw Lord Zirnitra standing over him. The stories were true, Zirnitra must have been well over 7ft tall and was black, which looked like burn scars rather than the normal looking unas he had encountered before. All he saw was a large claw foot come down and crush his head. Lord Zirnitra roared his approval. Julio's war sat was a burning wreck. Thousands of unas and Jaffa died for their god today for a pointless attack, but that did not concern Lord Zirnitra. He had done what he needed to do. Traa'lek his first prime came in again. "My lord, we have captured asgard prisoners, what do you want us to do with them"

Zirnitra eyed glowed yellow...... "Burn them. Their flesh is not to my taste. Give their carcasses to the troops". Traa'lek bowed "Yes my master" and turned and walked out of the command room.

Zirnitra had no stomach for asgard. He had eaten one a few hundred years ago and did not like the taste. He laughed to himself thinking that if he was a Tauri he would assume it tasted like the animal called chicken.

Zirnitra beamed up to his ship not before shouting out "Kree - kek kel shak Julio"

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Jan 05 2022 1:45 am

Ahhh how I miss those :-)

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Jan 05 2022 3:29 am

Awesome history....from the mighty Dragon.