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Nov 05 2021 12:15 pm

We got some improvements and new stuff coming this year and early next year.

26horses Game Browser

I've already did a ton of bug fixes for the 26horses Game Browser. But there is more I'm planning. The ability to choose where to install games and the ability to move your folder that games are installed. I'm wanting to make it where when you minimize the browser it goes down to your clock but that's still going to need more time for that. Its a bit hard to do actually due to my lack of Csharp for stand alone applications. I may hire someone to just do this for me so we will see. Also I'm planning to make it finally give an alert when a game has a new update instead of having to always keep closing and reopening the browser. So things are getting better just taking some time. Now with me having more games out, I am focusing more on the 26horses Game Browser.

Game UI

I'm planning to update the windows of the game. Mostly noticeable for PC, Browser and tablets. Phones are getting a couple window updates specially when selecting an army. You can see this update on Astro Wars actually.

One big thing I'm working on is improving multi language. Its a long going process but I will eventually complete it. I'm slowly replacing all buttons with text with symbols instead. This way I don't have to worry about huge translated words fitting inside a button.

Also mission and news is all going to be majorly changing too. I'm pretty much reducing the amount of text in the game and replacing it with more pictures. Less text les I got to translate or worry about translation bugs. The game guide will eventually be translated by community members and no longer by Google as well.


Upgrades to graphics is a bit in the long run cause I need money for it. But the plan is to add more 4 more races and 3d ships and buildings just like Astro Wars has.

I'm also planning a upgrade here soon with race selection showing 3d models for the characters. Also like I mention above on UI. There will be more of a sci-fi look to the UI coming up.

New Game Items and Features

I got some new ideas for game items coming into the game. One will be the ability to purchase a token from the store and type a anonymous message in chat. Even me as an admin won't know who typed it. Standard game rules still apply though. Mostly can't bash the game with it. Only rule I care about most. Also don't over ride chat filters.

I'm wanting to add a way for a group of players to create a anonymous fleet. Where players can donate ships to the fleet increasing its size to help towards complete its goals. Even the players donating won't know who added military to the fleet and the fleet will be controlled by who ever creates the fleet. This will also be a store item. Think of it as a rebellion fleet or revolutionary fleet.

Naqahdah selling may be leaving the game at the start of the new year for the non ending servers but will still exist as packages for new players to purchase to help get a jump start.

The ability to relocate one of your planets to a random vacant planet in the galaxy.

AI is coming back to the game. Players will be able either help the AI or be enemies with it. Rewards for both ways. AI will actually help assist you in attacking a player.

Faster game rounds is coming up here with in a week probably. Totally fair to play games with only fair to play stuff in the store.

Increasing the player base

I just completed a game tutorial and will be the first time the game had a real tutorial in the game. Its a 13 step tutorial showing very basics of the game. I'm waiting on a large SBA loan that I will be using to jump start advertising for the game. I will be dropping $2,000 a month in advertising for the next 18 months. I may start November out with $1,000.

Advertising and Premium

I'll be experimenting more with running ads in the game. There will be more ads added and premium will finally be added to the game as well. You won't be able to get premium by spending a certain dollar amount in the game anymore either. I have to make changes and get the game bringing in more money for continuous advertising and just raising my personal basic income. 26horses needs to start growing. Advertising is only making like $5 a day atm. It was like $15 I don't know why it fell so much. Still looking into this.

Holiday Break and beginning of the year.

I'm taking December off to work on Ancient Rings for a bit. So I got a good month of updates to do for System Lords and Astro wars. In January I will start work on Net of Corruptions. After that Ill may go full time on Ancient Rings. We will see. Like it say its all about income. Trying to get my personal income up into the 40k area plus another 20k for advertising.

I think I mention everything that is planned and is going on. Things are getting better and better though.


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