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Jun 14 2021 2:02 pm

I've been having people ask me about some stuff that are actually planned updates in the near future. I'm trying to finish Astro wars to a point where I can send it to Apple and Google for review since thats usually a 2 week process. So instead of doing my update this week I'll be working on Astro wars for another week. I think It will be mobile ready by then.

Here is a list of stuff coming up. Some are fixes, coding improvements and others are some changes. Most of these are fast fixes/changes

space station doesn't show up on battle results.
don't allow destroyed infrastructure mission on sieged planets
Don't let players under protection attack sieged planets.
randomize new players start locations better
Fix issues with planet border colors.
Stop planet statistics button from blinking window when opening it while a player is sieging the planet
Fix ships movement on the map going past planets.
fix 26horses logo on webgl
blackhole causing negative units
reward players naq for when a black hole detroys a planet
players don't see their own chat name as bold for premium
alliances gets news that the leader has changed when it hasn't
Intelligence building description not showing on planet stats window
On phone if you click planet operations tab you can't click Advance tab. Probably some UI blocking the button. Triangle progression bar probably.
Issue when damaged mother ships attack. They always survive
Debug Plague spread
intelligence building not increasing strength on planet level 0
Make a option that forces tablet view no matter what when on a mobile device
no multi's text not being hidden when it should. On the admin window
Issues with UI on battle results window running into the tabs
technology gives to much net worth
Be able to sort by building amount on planets window
Ban window doesn't close after banning someone
Check advance tech Knowledge to see if description is cut off on the bonus
The amount of infiltration strength a soldier gets isn't a setting.
Dominion total infiltration strength is less than what it says a planet infiltration strength is
remove inactivity, protection etc on planet updates. Try to remove the game and accounts column
Give new players a naqahdah speed up boost
Update pictures on mobile stores
Fix game load so the failed to load doesn't pop up so easily

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Sep 19 2021 4:02 am

Blow a sun to a nova..case planet want to destroy...huge cost in tec...like in the sg1
Asteroid raining in to a planet