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Apr 17 2021 6:41 pm

Ok so we all know I reset the top players in the galaxy. I see now I should of just reset every player and give them their worth of naqahdah bought.
So I will be resetting every player and giving everyone naqahdah for every $1 they spent since Jan 2019 with a max of $1,000.

This way there aren't any planets with thousand of buildings on them. Which wasn't ever attended. No one can complain about unfair resets.

This reset will take place later today with no warning. Will happen as soon as I finish the store bought amounts. This way we just get this done and over with.

Some things to expect.
I won't be doing any naqahdah sales. So won't be causing any inflation problems. I won't do sales on anything honestly. Also doing sales isn't easy with mobile stores.

I'm reducing the cost and size of soldiers and increasing the cost and size of mother ships.

The dollar per naqahdah may get lowered.

The mission excavate will be disabled until I finish redoing it this week.

The map will be shrank a bit.

Players will only beable to take $100 of naqahdah out of their claim per week.

Players will only be allowed to buy $300 in naqahdah per week. This way players can spend to build but can't spend to prevent death. This will make fighting more fair over all.

There won't be any plans in the near future to reset this server. WE will see how this server goes for a few years.

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Apr 24 2021 6:15 pm

A new era begins..........................................Shadowing looked out upon the galaxy and thought - it shall be renewed. He waved his hand over the galaxy. It shimmered then the wave moved throughout the galaxy. Majority of the players knew nothing, some of the oldest beings in the universe felt the change.
Shadowing returned to his throne and sits down. The new galaxy gleamed. New powers would emerge- new kinship would happen but for a certain, blood will be spilled, races enslaved and war...... he smiled.

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Apr 24 2021 7:00 pm

Lord Orion, The God of Devastation, has entered the galaxy from depths of the Orion Nebula to take over the galaxy and enslave all who challenges him! In the mist of many great wars he has been released to wreak havoc in the name of The Ancients! Who will be safe! Who will be enslaved! Choose your path! Lord Orion, The God of Devastation awaits you!