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Mar 02 2021 8:22 pm

Lord Zirnitra was relaxing as best as he could. The chair was plush in any sense of the word. Made from oak, a material he had discovered on a tauri world but was padded with silk from minorth worms - the most expensive luxury in the entire galaxy. The chair measured at least 8-foot-high and 3 foot wide. Jewels from every world adorned it. Yet, it was uncomfortable. His Unas form had no smooth edges and he forgotten how many times he had ripped the silk with his scaly skin.
"My lord, you have an incoming message from lord Orion"

Zirnitra rose up, his body aching- he was well over 9000 years old with the same host maybe a new one maybe in order - he let out a raw of laughter as he strode to the Vo'cume. The ball rose and Lord Orion appeared.

His face was obscured with his war helmet, which he removed. His armour was gold with white cape wrapped around. Lord Orion - The hunter - even ashraks feared his ability for hunting.

" Tek'ma'te Lord Zirnitra",
" Tek'ma'te Lord Orion, how can I be of service"

Lord Orion's eyes glowed "I have been monitoring the hybrid asgard Opevire" Zirnitra let a snarl come over his face. Opevire indeed was an asgard but had been working on a virus to overcome the frail asgard bodies and cloning issues, in which he had experimented on many fellow asgard and created an abomination breed of shol'va asgard mixed with virus from the irratus bug. "Lord Zirnitra are you disturbed", "no, please continue".

"I have data from a spy working in his ranks that he is preparing for war"

"He has not the heart for a war" roared Zirnitra. "That may be, but he is amassing an army the likes we have never seen, and it is only a matter of time, he will unleash his hords of asgards abominations" "We are ready, my Dragon Guard have been on standby for months"

"I am pleased, but this fight I will show the galaxy my true power" Lord Orion's eyes burnt so bright it took Zirnitra aback.
"Very well, I will be monitoring the situation and will inform the other members. Bring death and destruction to those abominations" Lord Orion laughed. The Vo'cume powered down. Lord Zirnitra walked near the door. "Kree"! A Furling came running in. "How can I serve my master"
"Send this information to the other members" The furling took the pad and bowed and walked out.
Zirnitra was tired, the furling slave he had eaten was a little tough, how he longed for the tauri meat. Ra thought they made good hosts, he was stupid but they do make a good feast, Zirnitra let out another roar of laughter. Unusual for him. "Kree- inform me when Lord Orion reports back"
"Yes master". Zirnitra laid his body into the sarcophagus. If only they were made for onacs.

6 or 7 hours later Zirnitra was awoken, a furling was standing in robes with the mark of Zirnitra burnt into his skin. He was Tri-Izik - Zirnitra's loyal first prime.
"My lord. Here is the data our satellites captured. Lord Orion has destroyed countless worlds of Opevire"

Zirnitra looked at the data- 30 plus worlds ablaze, the amount of death was unimaginable even for a god.

Over 59 million asgard abominations were smoted like sheep, 14 million bardagi (fighters), 3.8 million bombers and just under 87 thousand Eikstars (motherships).

Lord Orion had lost just under 40 million gliders

A few thousand light years away ..... Lord Orion was sat on his Eik-lofĂ°ungr (flag ship) contemplating the war. A job well done, they died well for their god. He will hunt the survivors. After all, he is the greatest hunter there is.