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Oct 04 2017 7:56 pm

-An Overview:

These tutorials are created to give information and a how-to step by step for new players and sometimes experienced players that forget some things. Each post will have its own category. i.e Attacking & Defending. My goal here is to create the tutorials to help people and not show which is better. For the tutorials however the account will be Goa'Uld. But relatively the game play won't differ that much.

-Effectiveness of Tutorials, Will they be effective in the future?

The answer is yes, since I will be getting the info on changes for races and everything ahead of time the tutorials themselves will be updated. All I have to do for that is just change the wording a little and the pictures which is relatively easy. So these tutorials will be effective. There will be video tutorials later if I get around to that.

-Does this mean you have a multi?

The answer is yes and no. I spoke with shadowing about that and was allowed to create the account "SLTutorials" this account is not for people to reset. This account serves one purpose. Creating tutorials for System Lords. So if you think I'm using it as a multi account for playing System Lords, then I'm not. It's considered a multi since it's registered under me. But shadowing will have access to it to test new features as well.

I hope you find the tutorials filled with information you need.


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