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Oct 03 2017 9:40 pm

Welcome to System Lords! A multiplayer RTS based 5000 years before Earth buried its stargate. Once you created your account you must choose a race. There are four races you can choose as Goa'uld, Furling, Onac, or Asgard.

The Goa'uld have some benefits if you pick them.
+20% infiltration strength
+20% stealth
+1% endurance per hour
+60 Soldier base attack
+1000 attack for gliders.

(For the sake of tutorials we will pick Goa'uld)

Asgard Bonuses:
+20% Ship Speed
+20% Fleet Detection
+20% Intelligence Strength
+1% Operativeness per hour
+Fighters can travel through hyperspace
+Can travel between non siege planets you own 20% faster.

Onac Bonuses:
+20% attack
+10% Obviation
+15% Spydrone strength
+1 En-route army maxed
+Destroys 50% more buildings when sieging
+Can spread the plague/immune to plague
+Fighters can travel through the stargate

Furling Bonuses:
+15% Planet defense
+25% planet efficiency
+1 Flag Ship Maxed (Null, No Flag ship limit)
+1 Planet Max (Resulting in 101 controlled planets max)

How to choose a race:

If you content with the choice you have click the select button next to the name of the race that you have. It will select your race and bring you to the personalities page.

Next Tutorial will be how to choose a personality.

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