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Jul 22 2015 2:31 pm

Hi. I'm another random new player after searching randomly for games on google for stargate to play. Recently started watching from season 1 again and found this... interesting title. I suppose I shall be looking into the development and such.

As for what I have to say so far, the game has a few little things I'd like. For one, the tutorial to pop up in a different window, and be at the start before you click start. Having it in game beside you is nice, but learning that the tutorial has a different starter race than you was a bit disappointing and misleading if it was starting from that early.

Another thing I noticed was me just simply testing the max button for military and having no accept button. It just did it. All my resources are gone into troops now with one click. It'd be nice for an option that could be turned off to say 'This will create bla bla and use bla bla resources. Do you wish to continue?' for the first time maybe. Something along those lines.

Other than that, it's mostly layout design choices. But, can't complain. Seems to be a functional game that will be interesting to delve into. Plus, I think the response to do that is 'do better' and I haven't figured that one out yet :p. If you see me nearby, don't murder me too bad, okay?

Another gripe is when you go to military and click the market tab, you can't go back to the military tab. Perhaps that could be changed, as well?