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Jan 11 2015 11:43 pm

Olek, cousin of Kelac and part of the great Gdozarian Tribe. Behold, I have returned. Bask in my glory. Let us pay tribute by sacrificing your flagships to me. Drown me in the blood of my enemies; for I have returned once from the dead and I shall do it again.

Chains cannot hold me.

I am not Scotish, nor am I Irish as I have previously said - I am in fact a Canadian from the great white north.

I have joined my cousin Kelac on Abydos and taken control of his account there. Chulak and Dakara will remain under the control of... you guessed it. Palpatine.

Chaos will follow me wherever I travel. Hope to Gdozer that I do not find my way to your worlds.

The alliance Atlas is accepting bounty targets. To place a target on a players head, please contact either @Django or @Iapetus (not Imapenis) in the game. Prices are negotiable (we work for the bare minimum to get the job done.)

We have received 3 bounties so far: @Forseti @Black and @Titan. More will follow.

Django -
The 'D' is silent

Kelac! #1 cheater in the game, but you'll never catch me!
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Jan 11 2015 11:51 pm

Its true. There is also a 20% discount on bounties for Excellion and Pink! Olek has finally returned!

P.S. Black I dont know who you pissed off because the bounty on you is enormous.

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Jan 15 2015 5:54 am

Thank you shadowing.

olek sucks

@Kelacopter is now upside down in moose dung stirring cha'tii up again.


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Jan 19 2015 3:18 pm

excellion put the bounty on black lol

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Aug 20 2016 11:05 pm


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