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Jul 05 2014 2:15 am

I am relatively new to System Lords but love the game so far. I am looking at putting together a fansite and wanted to ask what items would be most helpful. Three things I can think of off the bat are:

1. A non-political galaxy map where anyone can add and view data. The information can be sorted by player, nw, status, ally, etc. The planet detail will include stargate yes/no, warsat yes/no, etc.

The data will be tightly controlled. Users will need to register to add or view data. If a "bad" user enters junk data, all of their entries can quickly be rolled back.

I have already created a template for data collection and the coding necessary for the site is relatively simple.

2. A better battle tool which adjusts for warsats, space stations, etc.

3. Strategy Guides. Various players can be interviewed and share what works for them.

I'd like to hear what others think could add value to your gaming.

Note 1 - I am hopeful Shadowing will offer some of these things as part of the game, but if not, a fansite can bridge that gap.

Note 2 - The site will not be political on any level. Just discussion of good gaming without the mudslinging.


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