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Jun 01 2012 2:16 am

Is in need of members.

State your Godly names, your godly legends and give us your symbol. Obviously don't give too much info on what you have done outside of earth as thats what the game is for and OBVIOUSLY don't pinch anything already used by a known goa'uld (so no one claiming to be the devil or the egyptian guardian of the underworld as both were taken by Sokar and Anubis respectively).

Semper/Yahwe/The Father/The Keeper of Fate

Part of a tri-godly image that imposed its will in the creation legend of tauri society. The System Lords never could tell whether he worked alone or with two others hence why the image was confused. Many have claimed to be his associates and many more believe they know the answers...

Has been killed many times over the centuries only to return. Believed to have learnt or even taught this strategy from/to Anubis.

Once worked closely with Anubis and was thought to have betrayed him to Ra. Was in turn betrayed by Sokar.

Is known not to have a single first prime but three shadows or arch angels. Michellous, Gabriez and Raphael.

Symbol: An incomplete Halo or more specifically an arch with curved in feet. Often seen in human pictures over the heads of saints. Has a secondary symbol which would be recognised on earth as the symbol for infinity.

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Jun 01 2012 3:32 am

lord cruz/the phantom lord/the dragon lord

symbol: twin dragons one facing left the other right

a prodigy of Apep.    a lord who keeps to the shadows. not much is known of this lord only that he has never been defeated and his domains homeworld has never been found. those who have searched for it have vanished never to be seen again.        is thought to be the origin of the legends of dragons on earth. it is rumored that  lord cruz perfected sarcophagus technology by experimenting with lord Apep's without his knowledge.

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Jun 01 2012 11:16 am

name: Lord Valwen

symbol: polar bear

I was a little system Lord until I was betrayed and Ra came to destroy my empire. I was able to escape with a Teltak and I hided on Earth and waited for the chance to stab him in the back and to take over his army and his power. But something went wrong and I had to hide in the north, without access to a stargate. I killed an asgard that was in the orbit and I played his role as a god of the Northmen and waited for the day I would have the chance to return to the galaxy and take revenge for this indignity. One day I managed to dial the gate and went trough. Stimulated by the idea of vengeance I will rise and defeat  Goa'uld who stand in my way to unlimited power and the rule over the galaxy.

Something like that. ;--)

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Jun 02 2012 7:48 pm

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Aug 08 2012 5:52 pm

Name: Lord Dougy/Lord Dark
Symbol: The Skull

History:  Few Goa'uld were around when Lord Dougy appeared and even fewer are alive to this day. His history is surrounded in myth and stories of great battles and alliances of times of old. All that is for sure is that he is loyal to his friends and has a talent of finding his enemies weaknesses and exploiting them. If you become a target, that is a target for life and your destruction is only the beginning..

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Aug 18 2012 10:44 pm

Name: Zorkarzo/Pretorien

Symbol:A Dragons Head Breathing Fire onto Earth

Story: Though Much of the History of Zorzarko is Laiden with myth and lost, the pieces that remain paint a picture of a powerful Gu'auld before the discovery of earth a leader of hundreds of Unas but then with the discovery of earth, Zarkarzo was forced into hiding while working his way to earth on a small tel'tak and once upon earth. He stayed away from the others while hiding away in india where his unas form seemed to trick the people there into beleaving that he was some sort of monsterous dragon. While in a part of the idian continent with his followers he began gathering jafar on earth onto his ship there he found his first first prime who before being taken was one of the indian princes. after leaving  earth on his ship after being there for 200 years he leaftt and dropped of the radar except for the occasional assassination of other Gu'auld he dropped away forever until now.

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Oct 01 2012 7:46 am

Name: ZIrvs

Symbol:  <}{>

ZIrvs, the Mesopotamian God of the Sky, was considered to be the lord of all things and creator of the universe by his believers. He systematically controlled and built his power base to become one of the more powerful Goa'uld on the Tau'ri homeworld before the successful rise of Ra and the later Goa'uld.

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Nov 22 2012 9:06 pm

Name: Khnum

Symbol: soon

Story: Unlike other Goa'uld, Khnum seems to know more about the human mind and therefore is able to manipulate it easily without resorting to force of arms. In addition to being an excellent scientist specializing in genetics, Khnum is an excellent military strategist. In the past it seems to have worked as a general and a scientist with the System Lord Nirrti, but later the alliance between the two Goa'uld ceased to exist, probably because of the same Nirrti and Khnum took his services to a 'other emerging Goa'uld named Olokun where he became one of the most capable general. With the victories, Khnum was able to create a small kingdom within the territory of his master Olokun, without receiving attention from the latter.

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Dec 20 2012 11:32 am

Name: Hyperion

Underlords: Helios, Eos, Selene
First Prime: Piras
Elite Soldiers: Phoenix Guard
Hyperion was once a great and powerful Goa'uld, an ardent supporter of Ra and brother to Cronus.

He Took on the persona of Hyperion, the Greek Titan of Light and Wisdom.  When the System Lord alliance overthrew Sokar's rule in ages past Hyperion was amongst Ra's greatest allies. 

However Hyperion did not meddle much in the affairs of the other Goa'uld after the fall of Sokar, instead he took what slaves he needed and spent most of his time above earth watching over the planet from orbit.

That is until Seth attempted to overthrow Ra's rule.  Seth caught Ra off guard, and Ra called to Hyperion for aid.  Hyperion answered, and although few in number his forces were well trained and rightly feared by the other Goa'uld.  However, Hyperion knew this would not be enough to win the day, so he sent word to his brother Cronus who promised Hyperion his support.

As battles raged between Ra and Seth, both in orbit and on the surface, Hyperion's forces entered the fray.  Ra and Hyperion managed to hold the line against Seth but neither side gained an advantage, just then Cronus arrived with his forces.  However, much to Hyperion's dismay, they simply stood by and watched as Hyperion's forces dwindled under Seth's onslaught.

Then, in the chaos of the fighting, Cronus ordered his ships to open fire on and destroy Hyperion's command Ha'tak.  Cronus then proceeded to engage Seth's forces and win victory in the name of Ra.  Cronus had betrayed his brother in order to advanced his own position in the Goa'uld hierarchy.  He was lauded as a great warrior, and with Hyperion supposedly dead he was Ra's new right hand.

However Hyperion was not dead, upon realizing his betrayal he sealed himself within his sarcophagus which managed to stay intact despite the ship's destruction.  He was later recovered by his few surviving soldiers aboard a cloaked Tel'tak cargo ship, and he left earth vowing to build a great army and take vengeance on his traitorous brother.

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Mar 01 2014 9:45 pm

Name: Lord Nightshade

Symbol: Black Star (As Seen in my Avatar image)

Lord Nightshade was the offspring of a lesser-Goa'uld,Shorty after taking his first host ( One he still has to this day) he was seen as being different and unlike others of his kind,staying to the shadows which earned him the nickname of "Shadow". Not much is known of how he came to power but what is known is that the Lord of the planet now known as "Caprica" was found at Lord Nightshades feet when his own Shadow Guards turned against him, These such Guards now serve as Lord Nightshades personal bodyguard as his rules over the planet of Caprica and his other domain.

Leader Of The Quorum Of Twelve, Ex-member of The First Ones and Friend To Many
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May 04 2014 12:25 am

I am Lord Katana My symbol is that of a sword with wings,

I began not that long ago, on a samurai based planet where we use patience calmness and defence to take control, I took my host and left and constructed my jaffa armies and taught them the ways of the samurai,I then returned to that planet and wiped out the race I now had advanced technology, advanced technology it consists of armies like the kull warriors, but used advanced zat guns and staffs, motherships relatively the same.

Beginning - "May all believe in the great god Katana,
May all realise he is powerful and he shall destroy any slave who
dare's betray him
May everyone know that he is forgiving and shall forgive anyonewho
prays to him and is loyal to him.
May the great god Katana hear our prayer,"
Instruction - Meditation position but with pointer finger directly on center of forehead,
Middle - "May Katana hear our loyalty
May Katana forgive our sins
May Katana heal the wounded, revive the dead, ascend all those who die
to the higher plane of existence"
Instruction - Neal on floor and bow with every chant.
End - May Katana notice our prayers,
May katana answer our prayers,
Our trust is in Katana, he makes a decision it is for the fate of our
May the great god katana hear our prayers.
Instruction - stand and bow facing the sculpture of their god or their true god if in person for every chant, however on last chant stop bowing and place your pointer finger on the center of your forehead.

Now to my story not much is new for I am new but every time I do somthing I shall inform you.

The Great and powerful god Katana