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Feb 04 2014 10:23 pm

In Egyptian Mythology

Aker was one of the earliest deities worshiped by the early Egyptians. He was believed to be the embodiment of the horizon. According to mythology Aker was the guardian of the Underworld. The Egyptians believed that each night Ra (sun god) would travel though the Underworld (thus explaining where the sun went at night). It was Aker who granted Ra access to, and escorted him though the Underworld. The sprits of the dead also had to request permission from Aker to enter the Underworld. He was also responsible for annulling the cause of death, such as extracting the poison from snake bites, etc. Aker was represented by two lions, one facing east and one west, in between the lions was a sun disk (Ra) traveling though a valley (Underworld).

Though Aker was a very old deity he never did have any temples built in his name. The Egyptians instead honored him by placing stone lions at ether side of the doorways into both houses and public buildings with the hope of fending off evil and bringing good luck. This practice is still done today any many parts of the world, albeit with the origin often being unknown by the practitioners. Unlike most of the other Egyptian deities, the worship of Aker remained popular well into the Greco-Roman era.

In Stargate Mythology

Aker was an elder Goa’uld of similar age to Ra. After Ra took over as Supreme System Lord he appointed Aker as one of his senior military and security advisors. Aker was responsible for using his own fleet to escort Ra’s flagship during is travels among the stars. Aker’s Jaffa were also used on occasion to supplement and reinforce the Horus Guard. In fact many Horus Guards were recruited from among Aker’s ranks.

It is unknown what ultimately became of Aker as he was not present during the Abydos mission. Dr. Daniel Jackson has theorized that he may have been killed in battle during the Goa’uld war with the Asgard. Another theory suggests that he simply outlived his usefulness to Ra and was reassigned to govern some back water system on the fringes of known space. Perhaps it was there that he sat and watched the Goa’uld be defeated by those that were once slaves? Perhaps he is still there, building his forces and plotting his return to power now that all his rivals have been eliminated? Regardless of what became of Aker one thing can be said: that in his finale moments, Ra no doubt had wished his former lieutenant had been present during the Abydos uprising, for if he had been perhaps things would have turned out much different.