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Jan 29 2014 2:46 pm

~ Name:Hades
~ Age:500
~ Host Gender:Male
~ Host Eye Color:Brown when normal, Gold when enforced.
~ Host Hair Color:Black
~ Host Height:6' 2''
~ Alliance: N/A
~ Rank or Position:Independent Gould
~ Likes:Worshipers, Power, Quality over Quantity, Submissive Female
~ Dislikes: His Brothers, Strong Women, Smarter Gould, Challenges to him
~ Fears: A slave Rebellion, His Predecessor, A failed joining with a host
~ Personality: Hades is quite the Grim Gould he constantly keeps his host oppressed for the sole purpose of torturing him, He delights in bringing his enemies pain and worst of all breaking there brides in front of there eyes, taking a loyal bride and fellow Gould and breaking her to the point the Host over powers the Gould.
~ Appearance:He wears the Finest silks fitting of a "God" He also has a fine Dark armor, With several amulets.
~ Gear: A personal shield Generator.
~ Weapons: A Gould Hand device.

~ Story:

Hades was brought into his Predecessor's service Crones with his two brother Gould. First there was Zeus and then Poseidon and last but not least Hades. The three of them were masters of the Gould,ways of life each being a master of there own area to cover the Others, Zeus was a Mighty leader of the Gould who fought in the front lines a rarity in Gould culture but he was powerful in his own right, Poseidon was a powerful scientist studying Gould Technology and when weaknesses were found he would look for other species to steal technology from to compensate for there weaknesses, and last there was Hades, Hades was a master of gathering spy's, and winning the minds of weak lower class Gould into his service, he built a network of spies among agents to keep him informed of the actions of other Gould in the realms and of there predecessors plans. They eventually all raised to be Crones top subordinate Gould's each having goals of there own, but there were more fights as each of them rose they could no longer stand together, It took a lie told by Hades to rally them against Crones. Hades told them that Crones was using them and planned to remove them once his realm was stronger and by doing so they were united again The brothers plotted together and they overthrew Crones and destroyed his Host and placed his Gould into a prison jar that would hold him forever, Poseidon and Zeus argued over who should look after the Prison and why they did Hades took there predecessor in the prison jar and would leave through the stargate to forge his own path and keep Crones locked away forever.

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Nov 23 2018 11:22 pm

You disappeared from Lost Worlds, what happened to you?