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Mar 05 2013 12:03 am

Name(s): Irathor, The Thunder Lord! / Lei Gong / Lei Shen / Indra / Raijin

Sigil: A crest of arms represented by a mace and a hammer covered by a thunder bolt.

Jaffa: Thunder Fists
First Prime: Krakilok, the Thundering Lightning

Legend: We're eternally gratefull for the glorious day when The Thunder Lord came through the Chappa'ai and liberated us from the error of our ways. We had a false sense of security through what was called freedom. It made us delussional and ignorant which would lead our people to damnation.

Blasphemy is like a venomous wound, you've to cut the limb in order to save the whole. That's why all heretics died by The Thunder Lord's grace who summoned a storm of lightning. Purging the heretics of their sins as he sent them to the afterlife.

He graced our people with his protection from those who saught us harm but he had to sacrifice his compassion in hope to save us all but only through our devouted faith can we repay him his kindness. He who everyday motivates us to go beyond our limits, to build the temple which would stand the test of time and purge all sin from our world.

Facts and Truths: Called Irathor by other Goa'uld and System Lords but among those who worship him, he was known as The Thunder Lord or as Lei Gong (Duke of Thunder) or Lei Shen (Thunder God) from the Chinese Mythology among the Tauri.

Irathor was a bloodthirsty but minor goa'uld who fought personally in wars, killing his enemies with a hammer and a mace which gave him a fierce reputation because on every world he would choose to conquer, there would be a crack of thunder which was the result of his mother ships additional breaks and shielding once entering the atmosphere.

His might didn't only come from the use of slaves or his Jaffa, they came from the weapons he wielded. A mace and a hammer, weapons who had been enhanced by advanced technology to manipulate weather and send it into a frenzy through electrical storms which is the reason of the applical lethal electical shocks through his enemies.