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Jan 24 2024 4:25 pm

On an unknown planet, in a dimly lit room, Freddy was sitting very quietly. He was in deep thought, when an asgard came in and stated that another planet had been taken by the Shadow Council.
Freddy looked up and shouted “Leave”. The asgard turned around and left.

The Shadow Council had declared war and it came at the wrong time especially after the renegade Lord Montu had attacked and sorely weakened Freddy’s fleet. He snarled through his mouth but can he really be upset with Lord Montu, with the Shadow Council. He had battled them and given his all, even though the Shadow Council had superior numbers and very large fleets. His mind drifts back to Bloodwitch – his beloved. Freddy had taken the major hit and sent Bloodwitch into vacation even though he was not sure the Shadow Council had her lined up next. Narko, another pirate had been recovering so could not have supported Freddy in his fight. The three other Pirates in his alliance, had not made a move, gave him no support. He was on his own. This annoyed him further, what does it mean to have alliance members that share your rewards, share the full life of being a pirate and yet when Freddy’s need is most – nothing.

Maybe his drive to war with the Shadow Council, Lord Montu and others had been all a joke and the perpetrators closer to home.

Freddy thought on this whilst staring out of the window, in which the dim light had been replaced by night as the two suns had set.