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Jan 23 2024 3:37 pm

Decree of the Shadow Council.

I, Lord Zirnitra – Supreme System lord, leader of the Shadow Council, herby declare that the Pirate king, the destroyer of dreams, Freddy Kruger is a wanted asgard. His crimes are numerous, many dreams lie shattered with but his will, many subjects live in fear of his song (One, two, Freddy's coming for you, Three, four, better lock your planet, Five, six, grab your turrets and defense, Seven, eight, gonna stay up late, Nine, ten, never sleep again) and many many more hits. For his heinous acts against his fellow asgard (ok hybrid) Sadeyes, for standing up Lord Zirnitra on a date, making Lord Trebor cry and the most heinous act – taking Shadowing out for a slap-up meal and not calling him the next day, we the Shadow Council will hunt the pirate down and give him a good thrashing.

Others may feel pity in his plight but be warned that those who have found to be supporting the Pirate Freddy Kruger will be thrashed within an inch of their life.
And for the multis of nemesis – too many to name in this century will be burnt to ash.

Empororsokar is now a wanted fugitive- you are going to be reset .

This declaration of intent is in full effect – May whatever god you believe in (cough Zirnitra) have mercy on your soul.

Lord Zirnitra – God of Death
Lord Orion – God of Devastation
Lord Macgiviner – God of Destruction
Lord Soulseeker – The gatekeeper of Souls
Lord Trueasgards – God of Omnipotence
Lord Patrick – God of Chaos and Destruction
Lord Trebor – God of Irritation
Lord Foxbat – God of reality
Lord Draml – God of Intelligence