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Nov 19 2023 8:02 pm

Draml, member of the Shadow Council, who has awakened only recently from his cryostatic sleep looked upon the countless displays projected onto his Asgardian eyes and found it to be good. A day ago, the galaxy was sleeping peacefully. Until, just a few hours ago, it started moving. Draml smiled in memories. Lordtrebor truly was a master of Irritation. Narko and Freddykruger, two new players in the old game for Lordship of the Universe, had launched an attack on Lordtrebor. And the Shadow Council rose to defend. The galaxy was in peace, then fleets began raising from their shipyards all over the galaxy as they spun for their destination. Their reason to exist. Their only purpose. War and Destruction. And then the galaxy was burning. Atleast for a short time. Battles raged hard, only to die down not an hour later as a temporary peace was decided. And now the Galaxy was silent again, as if nothing ever happened. Just at that time Draml's Throne shook silently as the Sagacity left Hyperspace. The Screens shut down as the giant window before Draml slowly slid into view, allowing glances onto the dead planet below. A piece of rock covered with flows of Lava and oceans of magma. It was one of the three acquired Planets of todays short skirmish. And it looked promising. Much could be done with such an remote, forbidding planet. And the losses Dramls Fleet had taken were minimal. All in all it had been a great day. And so Draml smiled, looking into the future and awaiting the beauty that was about to become of this galaxy. A galaxy in flames. A galaxy in anguish. A galaxy dying. In a month nothing in this galaxy would be the same, this was obvious.