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Feb 15 2023 3:30 am

Decree of the Shadow Council.

Now therefore, I the black dragon Zirnitra ruler of the Shadow Council, and in their name do pronounce by their authority, appealing to the Divine Judge (myself) in attestation that their conduct is not guided by the passion of revenge but that they reluctantly yield to the solemn duty of repressing by necessary severity crime of which their citizens are the victims, do issue this my proclamation, and by virtue of my authority as leader of the Shadow Council do order–

1- It has come to our attention that a former player who was part of the Shadow Council passed intel to our enemies. The Shadow Council takes loyalty as number one and this trust was abused.
2- The said person, was brought into the Shadow Council and protected and access to the Tome of War.

I -The Shadow Council has issued a decree that said perpetrator Eliminator will be judged for his crimes.
II- His denizens and worlds will be burned and scorched until he is wiped from the galaxy.
III- The name Eliminator will never be used again, and if seen will be reset again and again even if the said player was not the original player.
IV- If the player wants to restart, they must do so as a different name.
V- Any known player or Alliance provide support or help for Eliminator will be considered as rebels and will be dealt with harshly and painfully by the Shadow Council.
Gods of the Shadow Council are charged with the observance and enforcement of the foregoing orders of the Black Dragon of Death, Lord Zirnitra. Where the evidence is not full or the case is for any reason of a doubtful character it will be referred through the Shadow Council for the decision of the War Department.
In testimony whereof I have signed these presents and caused the seal of the Shadow Council to be sent to the races of the galaxy on this 14 Feb 2023

Lord Zirnitra, Leader of the Shadow Council

By order:
Lord Orion: God of devastation
Lord Macgiviner: God of destruction
Lord Trueasgards: God of Omnipotence
Lord Soulkeeper: The Gatekeeper