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Nov 28 2022 8:21 pm

I promised to add a translation of words from the Goa'uld language, and I will keep my promise, for my word is gold, like my Ha'tak armada

The Goa'uld language is spoken by the Jaffa and the Goa'uld themselves, presumably it originated from the language that the Unas used to speak, whose speech apparatus is quite limited, and they cannot pronounce many letters and sounds. Therefore, after the Goa'uld began to take human speakers, they needed a new language. During their reign, Goa'uld language spread widely through the territories they control, and has become common to many other peoples and races in the galaxy.

Goauld dictionary of known words and phrases:

Anise — Noble strength
Al'kesh — Mid range bombers, armed with dual staff cannon and two plasma bomb emitters.
Arik tree'ac te kek — We do not surrender, even in death
Avidan — Gods are just

Benna! Ya wan ya duru! = Kneel before your masters!

Cha'hai — Be without fear
Cha'tii — Warrior apprentice
Chel hol — Greeting
Chel nak — Very cool/awesome
Chel nok — Good luck, very well wishes
Chula a lazla — Do you choose

Dal shakka mel! — I die free!
Depet reshwet herew — And now I awaken only to die again

Goach, sha kree, lo Goa'uld — Tok'ra password response

Hakorr kra terak shree — Banished to oblivion
Hak'tyl — Indepenence/Liberation
Hal mek — Hold!
Hara'kesh — torture device
Ha'tak — goa'uld mothership, a workhorse of war. Main tool of intimidation for those poor souls, that dare to rebel against the will of the Goa'uld. There are different modifications of these ships, they can be used as a base, a palace, even as a factory. Self-sufficient and fully independent, these ships are armed with 60 plasma cannons, 100 starfighters, and 10,000 Jaffa soldiers waiting to be ordered to fight and die for the glory of their god.
Ha'taaka — Slayer of children, poisoner of minds, the forgotten (insult)
Hol — Hold, stop
Hol mel — Hold your fire

In'trom popra cursor're — To enter by infiltration
Intar — Stun weapon used during training

Jaffa — Servant/slave
Joma secu — Challenge of leadership (Follow me)

Kal kek m'al shol'va — Ready to die, traitor?
Kal mek — Location
Kalach — Soul
Kalach shal tek! — Victory or death!
Kal'ma — Child
Kara kesh — Hand device
Kek — Kill, dead, weakness (from Unas "keka")
Kel — Where, when is, what, what is
Kel mal tak Tauri! — Destroy the people of Earth!
Ket mattet — Jaffa challenge
Kel nok shree Jaffa — I am no Jaffa
Kel'no'pah — Lightning strike
Kel shak — What, what is it, what is going on
Klavel ha — Too late
Korush'nai — Turn back, radioactive contamination
Kree no tel, Reenlokia! — The Asgard are approaching!
Kree shac, shel nok — Bite me
Kree tak? — Is this a trick?
Kree tal shal mak! — Identify yourself!
Kresh'taa — Outcast, banished, untouchable, not of the people

Leaa — Listen
Lok'nel — Ancient Jaffa martial arts

Mak — My identity
Mak lo onak! — Oh my god!
Mak tal shree! — I am a lord.
Mashur-nat — Mutation
Mastaba — Form of Jaffa martial arts
Mekta satak Helix! — My identity is the Great and Powerful Helix!
Mel nok tee! — Evacuate now!
Mok — Your identity
Mol kek! — Kill them all!

Na'onak — Not a god
Naqahdah — quartzite stone
Naquadria — a modified form of naquadah
Nemeth kree! — You dare touch me!
Nish'ta — Biological brainwashing compound
Niss trah! — I am here!

Onak = Goa'uld, God —Also the Unas word for the Goa'uld
Onak sha kree, shel Goa'uld. — What god do you worship? (Tok'ra password)

Prim'ta — Larval Goa'uld (also the ceremony of implatation)

Quell shak — Please

Ral tora ke — Good luck
Rashna — Drug used by the Ilempiri that keeps them slaves of the Goa'uld, mixed in their water
Reenlokia — Asgard
Remoc — The end of a journey
Rin nok! — Silence!
Rin tel nok! — Protect me now!
Ring kol nok — Strategy

Shal met — A toast/good health
Shal tek — Return home, dial home
Shek kree — A declaration of shame
Shesh'ta — Goa'uld currency/Jaffa unit of money
Shim'roa — Honeymoon
Shin tel? — What's going on?

Tacluchnatagamuntoron — Automatic remote weapon, heat-seeking, small globe shaped device
Tak — Trick
Tak mal tiak — Greeting/You are remembered
Tak mal arik tiak — You will not be forgotten
Tal — Wait
Tal mak — A world on which life is now extinct
Tal met. Priem ta shree, tal ma — Our love does not end in death
Tal pat ryn — Falling star
Tal shak! — Attack
Tal shaka mel! — I die free!
Tek'ma'tek — Friends well met. We come in peace, be welcome
Tel — I, I have
Tel kol — I beg your pardon

Ya duru arik kek onac — I honor him who would kill his god

Zat'nik'tel — Goa'uld energy weapon
Zatarc — Programmed assassin

If you have anything to add - feel free to post it below this topic.

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Nov 29 2022 2:06 am

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