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Nov 14 2022 11:09 am

Glad I came across this project and I hope development is still going strong. To be honest, I've been waiting for a proper Stargate themed game since 1995, even before the TV series kicked off. The series actually just showed what a great premise it is for a exploration style game. This could finally be it.

I have some questions if you don't mind:

-Will offline/singleplayer be possible in order to be accessible to the wider gaming community? According to information I could find, it is often labeled as MMORPG. The MMO market is a very oversaturated market which often leads to new entries quickly falling into obscurity with a 50/50 chance of finding success.

-Will there be a PC release or will it be limited to mobile devices? Have you considered Steam Greenlight? I'm sure it will find widespread support (I'm not the only one waiting for a game like this).

-Amazon recently bought the rights to the Stargate franchise, which already spelt doom for similar projects. How does this affect you? MGM used to be very generous with their intellectual property rights, Amazon tend to be far more aggressive instead.

-Do you still accept investment in the form of once-off donations?

-A bit off-topic but, after I registered, I noticed a link to play System Lords. Can I play it in a browser on PC? I tend to limit my use of Google/Apple services and I'm yet to find a mobile emulator for PC that actually works. I would like to give System Lords a go, it looks interesting.


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Nov 15 2022 2:43 pm

If I miss any questions just repeat them again.

Its a online game only. You will always need to log in.
This is game is for PC only. I have no plans for steam at this time. They take 30 percent plus up to another 30 percent taxes in some countries its nuts. I've messed with Steam before not happy with what they give for the thier 30 percent cut.

I'm releasing another game actually Called The Rise of Anupet where there will be single player but you still of course will need to log in. Its a player vs player game but planning a single player campaign and keep adding more campaings in the future. Keep in eye on facebook for this. I'm starting a kick starter for it to sell the game in December.

Best way to support 26hores is play the games by stuff in the in game stores.
System Lords is available on browser, android, ios and windows.

System Lords Browser Version

I've had conversations with MGM in the past they finally decided to leave me alone. Havn't talked to Amazon yet though.

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