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Aug 08 2012 5:59 pm

I hear by claim the title of SSL, no other "god" can claim the victories and power that I hold over the galaxy. I have the strongest army and resources to smash all opponents.

I hear by announce the System Lord Council for those I believe worthy enough. (not the list shadow has created ingame but I'm guessing it will be these people or close enough)

SSL Dougy
SL Yahweh
SL Milkman
SL Valwen
SL Rumo
SL Neimenljivi

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Sep 12 2012 12:13 pm

I beg you pardon Dougy, but I have to appeal against this council!

I have reason to believe that SL Milkman and SL Neimenljivi are not worthy to be in there. Their knowlegde of sience is pathetic and their armies are small.

I demand a place in this coucil. I know just a part of the council has a higher knowledge of the universe than me and my armies can keep up with you!

with kind regards

Lord MateiĀ  8)