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Dec 07 2021 4:30 am

The new faster pace servers are post pone till early next year. Jan or February.

26horses is in a financial crises at the moment.
I worked a year and half on system lords rebuilding it and its still only makes 1k a month and that seems to be lowering. Only about 5 percent of the player base buys anything inside the game.

The new advertising I added doesn't make anything. Its like $150 a month. So that's not really working out to well.

I need to use my time making something that is easier to sale. So im working on two games right now. Stargate MMO PC game where you control a goauld mothership and a castle destroying game that seems quite promising. These are two fast games to build.

Hopefully things get better next year.

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Dec 07 2021 4:54 am

i would defenitly play and buy on the goauld ms game aslong as i can destroy that shel kree ing onion

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