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Feb 24 2020 12:08 pm

Washing machines generally use single-phase capacitive washing machine motors, which are mainly composed of a stator, a rotor, a main (secondary) winding and an end cover. When inspecting the Washing Machine Motor, you are supposed to open the rear cover and detach the motor leads. The specific inspection method is as follows.

Check method of Washer Motors winding short circuit:

Because the washing machine motor requires forward rotation and reverse rotation to drive the pulsator's periodical operation, the parameters of the primary and secondary windings are designed to be the same. Use a multimeter ohm range (RX10 ohm or RX1 ohm range) to measure the nozzle value between the open end and the other two leads. If the measured value is basically the same (-tens of ohms in general), the motor is normal. If the measured values differ greatly, the winding with the smaller resistance value has a short circuit.

The main and auxiliary winding parameters of the dehydration motor are different. Use a multimeter ohm range (Rx10 ohm) to measure its resistance value. If the resistance of the main winding is 65-95 ohms, and the secondary winding is 110-200 ohms (the secondary winding is about 50 times larger than the resistance of the main winding), it indicates that the motor is normal. If it is less than the above resistance value, it indicates that the motor has a short circuit .

Use a multimeter ohm scale (Rx10 kohm) to measure the resistance between the lead and the end cap or the core. If the pointer swings, it means that the winding is poorly insulated and there is a short circuit between the end cap and the end cap. Motor winding open circuit inspection method: use a multimeter to measure the ohms. When there is no conduction between any two leads, the motor winding is open circuit. When an open circuit or short circuit occurs, the winding should be re-wound or the motor replaced.

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