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Oct 04 2017 11:12 pm

In system lords there is a number of personalities you can rule by. Each personality has it's own set of benefits.

+20% planet efficiency
+30% cheaper buildings
+Buildings are completed 30% faster
+30% protection from buildings being destroyed
+30% protection from population being kidnapped or killed
+Illusionary Forces (Your armies will appear to be 30% smaller or bigger to everyone but you. This excludes battle)

+20% Ship travel speed
+Can travel between non siege planets and stations you own 20% faster
+1 Flag ship max (Null)
+Operations/Lab technology is 25% cheaper
+Enemies are slowed by 1 hour on attacking planets and stations you own

+1% endurance per hour
+30% endurance max
+60 Soldier base defense
+30% pillage supplies
+Spy missions consume 1 less operativeness percent
+Survey's also receive ships on planets

+20% Defense
+25% Fleet Detection
+30% Operativeness max
+Operations done on your planets you own do 1% less operativeness

In the tutorials we will be using tactician since of the infiltration mission.
+10% Obviation
+20% Stealth
+Access to infiltration mission pirate ships
+The tactician is anonymous to defending players

+20% more weapons (Attack Strength)
+Destroys 30% more buildings when attacking
+Spydrones consume 1% less operativeness
+1 En-route army max

+20% Naqahdah production bonus
+50% protection from naqahdah being stolen and destroyed
+Cargo ships as 50% faster
+30% turret defense
+1 planet max (101 if non Furling, 102 if Furling)

Once you have found a personality that you like. Click the button to the right of the name of it.

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