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May 24 2017 4:48 pm

I have no doubt others have thought of this idea, but wouldn't it be nice to level up a planet? Like picture to level up a level 1 planet to a level 2 planet would cost 50k tech points (and a set amount of time). or level 2 to level 3 would be 75k tech points (and a set amount of time), etc.

I could see how it could get OP, but it would reduce the rarity of higher level planets, but also making people fight more for tech points so that they can upgrade.

In addition, if you could make it where you add tech to it like how you add naq to make a FS/SFS, that would mean people could steal tech from others trying to level up their planet. Then once you have a planet over level 18, you can start funding to make it into a Warsat.

Just an idea, but would be a cool implementation.

Comment below if you do want this!

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May 24 2017 7:20 pm

sounds like a good idea to me also wanting to be able to upgrade flagships though for the people that cant afford to make a super flagship (aka weapons upgrades speed upgrades health upgrades) Each upgrade type has 10 levels at default you will be at level 0 aka base flagship stats once u get a upgrade to level 1 it increases its power/effiency level 1 would be a 2% increase level 2 a 4% increase
so each level increases the current stats by an extra 2 percent added till it reaches level 10 which would be a 20% increase to the upgrade u get to that level