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Jun 06 2015 2:07 am

Name: The Snake of the Festival

Race: Goa'uld

Symbol: Eight appointed star or other Marks of Chaos

The Snake of the Festival is Goa'uld is the son of Ra that try to take power from Ra but was defeated by him and fled to a remote planet and settled there. He soon built a empire and called it Bal Masque and his first Primes were know as the Trinity.

Trinity: The General Sydonay, The Strategist Bel Peol, The Priestess Hecate.

The General: Role: 2 in Commander of the army.

The Strategist: Role: Coming up with the Planning.

The Priestess: Role: Leading the people to the worship of The Snake of the Festival.

Let my know if you want more and like it if you wouldn't mind thank you

Steven Power