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Jul 21 2014 8:04 pm

1. I told Shadowing three times that my son and nephew were playing. He said OK, as long as we notified him.

2. I told Shadowing a few days ago I was leaving the game if reset as the odds are against us with 25 player alliances.

3. Suddenly I lose 4 planets and a SS.

4. Olek tells me I have multies and names them.

5. my nephew has not been playing.

6. Olek adds more and more excuses to how he dug deeper to discover my multies.

7. Really? Olek, do you think everyone is that dumb? Evidence points to Shadowing telling you!

8. If Shadowing thought I had multies why not tell me, or ban me? Why use Olek to reset me?

9. Shadowing has no integrity. (No gonads eitherb or very small ones!l

10. Once my fleet is destroyed I am out of the game. I cannot support Shadowing any longer!

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Jul 21 2014 8:11 pm

OH shut up. Shadowing is nothing but a fair person. he runs the game all by himself and manages to do deal with everyones problems on his own.

Make your own alliance of 25 people, the odds will then only be against your intelligence.

Evidence does not point to shadowing telling him anything,evidence points to you being a fool. If you seriously think shadowing would have olek reset you rather then click a few keys on his keyboard to ban you, well then you should really think about that for a few minutes, let how foolish that sounds just sink in.

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Jul 21 2014 8:12 pm

That was kind of mean Zeus...

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Jul 21 2014 8:18 pm

You need to calm down bud; thats pretty absurd. I dont know why Shadowing was even dragged into this, he has nothing to do with who we fight or what we do, to imply otherwise is just crazy. Its a war game, based on taking over territory and fighting, our guys dont hide the fact that they enjoy this, and they picked you as a target. Defend yourself, have some friends assist you, make a fun time of it.

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Jul 21 2014 8:23 pm

1. Any and all players who have multis in their own household SHOULD be publicly disclosed. It is not a secret. There was no confidence betrayed on any level. Players have a right to know.

2. You and the two others in your household were in alliances. It is likely numerous others knew about it as well.

You're angry. We get it. You feel betrayed. With all due respect, you are being a complete idiot. Your post and galaxy chat match that of thousands of other players in thousands of other games who played and lost on some level. Rather than try to get better at the game, you cry that you were wronged on some level. "The galaxy is out to get me." "The gaming operator is unfair." Heard it all a thousand times. The galaxy is a better place without players who behave like this.

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Jul 21 2014 8:45 pm

who cares if shadowing told him you have other accounts or not. its not his fault you cant defend what you built. when you are one vs one and you are defending then you should be able to win. this game gives you more defense then attack anyways if you can't defend then your doing somthing really wrong.

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Jul 21 2014 8:47 pm

Yes he is right about shadow. I have an account for my goldfish, my pet rabbit, my cousin vinny, my sharona and they all live in my house. That is why I have so many players. Shadow sent olek to kill my goldfish outside of the game. I found him floating upside down yesterday. I figured that it must be that shadow instructed olek to fly across the pond execute my goldfish, rather than delete the account. Now that my pet goldfish banolek is gone I will have to close my Gdozer account. Cause now it is cheating. Please shadow don't have olek kill my pet bunny until I can take at 2 warsats and 25 spacestations off of belia.... I mean fluffy.
I mean the guy just has no integrity.

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